Berry bash


The last of the Berry Sampler blocks has been completed, and I’m ready to put them together into a completed top! This isn’t their final layout. I just wanted to get a look at them all together.

They will have a thin white sashing, no cornerstones, and I’ve got a pretty purple print for the border. Hopefully I can get this one together soon.

For extra credit… here’s Miss Winnie enjoying Mom’s version


That bed is in their spare room, and it’s an ideal bird-watching spot for Miss Win.

10 thoughts on “Berry bash

  1. Hi Val! I tried to buy tickets for the cat quilt and was having issues.. I will make another meaning fun donation in its place.
    That quilt is beautiful. I did go right to the last row and the block on the left , and I didn’t like it there. Just what you want!! Unsolicited advice from a non sew er!!!
    Hi Rupert.
    Beatles has lost a lot of weight and we took him in for labs /exam yesterday.
    My sister the Vet offered to look at his labs too. I gave her the ok.

    Im trying ROUTINE for my word for the week. Honore keeps trying to help me honor a word/or action and I’ve been remiss. THIS week I shall succeed.


  2. That is just beautiful! I love quilts like this one that have lots of different patterns. You never get tired of looking at them.’
    I am still struggling with traditional quilting, so I bought a book on cutting and sewing quilt blocks. I clearly need help with the nitty gritty. And there aren’t any classes these days!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love your Berry Sampler blocks! It is interesting to see how different the two quilts look simply because of fabric choices. Love them both though. Winnie just gets cuter and looks so cuddly.


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