Going squirrely

I had planned to show you my birdbath project today, but it involves a lot of painting, which I’ve been doing outdoors, as weather has allowed.

And it hasn’t allowed as much as I would have liked, so you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the great reveal!

Instead, enjoy some more antics from the patrons at Squirrelington’s Fine Dining…


The look on this one’s face just cracks me up every time I see this picture!


Same with this one! She’s a regular visitor (we call her Little Mama, because it’s obvious she has/had babies)

She works hard to feed her family, and sometimes, it really shows…


This guy is another regular. We call him Double Stuff because he ALWAYS takes TWO peanuts when he visits


But here, he’s more content to pretend he’s a gargoyle.

Here he is with this extra booty.

And the squirrels aren’t the only one’s who stop by for a nutty snack


Squirrelington’s welcomes patrons of all colours and species!

10 thoughts on “Going squirrely

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful photos! The squirrels must be great entertainment for the felines. Love the names you have given the visitors.


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