Bathing beauty

So the other day, you saw a picture of my makeshift bird bath….here’s the full story.

I’ve been wanting a bird bath for AGES! My father has a big, beautiful concrete one that belonged to my grandfather, and I’ve always admired it. He’s not willing to give it up though – the sparrows daily bathing ritual greatly entertain his dogs.

I’ve kept half an eye open for a used one, cheap, to no avail. But this summer’s searing temps really pushed me to do something for our poor feathered friends. I looked at all the hardware/home improvement stores, and all the bird baths in my price range had terrible reviews (tip over, leak, etc.) The ones with good reviews were all well out of my budget. (I love the birds, but I don’t $150 love them…)

So I started looking online for DIY options. That’s where I came up with the idea to use Great Grandma’s china.

That was really only a temporary solution, because I saw some really cool ones made with terracotta pots. I didn’t have any big enough, but I didn’t think it would be too hard to get them.

A trip to Michael’s and Canadian Tire and I had what I needed: Two large pots, a large saucer, spray paint, craft paint, clear coat and some construction adhesive. Of course, by the time I was done shopping… I wasn’t far off from that $150 bird bath…

Anyway, with supplies in hand, it was time to get down to business.

First: prep work:


As you know, my yard is full sun, but there’s a small spot in the swale behind the yard that in shade under a pile of cedars. I set up shop there and started on the fancy work…


It was spread across several days (as weather allowed)

And three sunflowers were painted across the bottom pot (with a little help from my assistant, of course).

Then a few more days…

And the top pot was covered in a variety of butterflies. (With more feline assistance…)

One last sunflower was added to the saucer, which will serve as the removable water basin.


The two pots were glued together with construction adhesive, and the whole thing was given a couple good coats of clear-coat.

I let it dry overnight.

The next morning, I set it in the garden (which I really need to weed!)


And filled it up. That top saucer is not fixed and lifts out easy, so it’s easy to refill and keep clean.

Now…. lets hope I can get some pics of our little neighbourhood birdies enjoying it!

12 thoughts on “Bathing beauty

  1. Val, I have to show this to my Allison who loves sunflowers!

    MYfear, I will share as a helpful not critical of course. We have had so many birdbaths knocked down and broken by squirrels in our Illinois home . Find a way to keep the top secure so they cannot ruin your gorgeous bath which the birds will adore.
    Our current bath is a big tree stump that is really a well cover and it never could get knocked over!~

    ?sand in the bottom compartment? I don’t know…..


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Your birdbath is awesome! You are quite the artist. If I had been doing a project like that, paint would also be on me, my clothes, the quilt and the cat helpers. It will be great garden art while waiting for the birds to arrive.


  3. I knew you are an artist but, oh my goodness! That birdbath is a work of art Val. The sunflowers and “flutterbys” as my Mom always called them are so pretty and perfect. I am looking forward to some photos of the birds using the birdbath. They will be so grateful to you.


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