I think I’ve got a pot addiction..

… Because I’ve been at it, yet again!

I picked up a couple small six inch terra cotta pots from the dollar store for some more painting adventures. It’s nice to sit outside when the weather is fine and paint away. I’ve also been watching a lot of art history documentaries lately, which I think has tweaked my creativity button.

The first pot I painted up for neighbour Krista. In addition to being a fellow crazy plant lady, she’s also a crazy bird lady. She has two African Grey parrots, and has decorated her backyard in a parrot-theme. We call it her parrot-dise.

I think this little guy will be right at home there.

Next, I wanted to paint some more flowers…. coneflowers, to be exact.

I added a few little honey bees for interest.

I put this funky, spikey peperomia ferreyrae plant in it to keep those bees company.

To be honest, I’m not as happy with these two as I am with my birdbath or koi. These pots are much smaller, and I think I really need a bigger canvas.

Still, I had one more pot left though, so I looked to Delighted Hands, and took some inspiration from some adorable watercolour mushrooms she painted the other day.

Aren’t they sweet? A pretty Jade plant now calls it home.

I’m out of pots, for now… but Mom said something about having a couple for me, so there’s more adventures to come!

9 thoughts on “I think I’ve got a pot addiction..

  1. They are all wonderful. The parrot is sweet with a real personality. The bees and conflowers are cute as well, but my favorite are those wonderful mushrooms! They just look HaPpY. I want to be your neighbor too! You could paint Chloe on mine. Ha! Just kidding but they are all wonderful pots.


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