And the sock goes on…

Thank you for all your lovely comments on both mine, and Paisley’s quilts!

But it’s not just quilting around here – occasionally, I do still knit! I knew Royal Stars wouldn’t take me long to quilt on the long-arm, so I also packed some knitting.

After quilting, lunch, a couple games of fetch (Chevy) and tug-o-war (Jem), and brief break…


I still had a couple of hours left to knit.  So I put on a good movie and got to it!


By the time I was ready to pack up, I had the leg of the funky man-sock finished.

Now it’s onto the heel and down the foot to victory!

P.S.: I find it odd that both my knitting and quilting project matched that day…


10 thoughts on “And the sock goes on…

  1. Araignee

    It’s nice to have several hobbies going at the same time. I don’t know how those folks do it that only have one-like The Mister or gasp….my former co-workers that have NONE. Can you even imagine?

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