FO: Paisley’s Pennants

As I mentioned yesterday, the girls  went back home on Saturday, but Miss Pee did manage to finish her quilt before they left.


It’s not her first quilt – she made a lap sized rail fence quilt a couple years ago – but it is her biggest. I believe they said it’s 76″ x 90″. That’s a big quilt for just a week.


Paisley was too nervous to use the long arm, so Mom did the quilting – nothing fancy, because they only had a day left, but the thread is variegated purple, so there’s a little extra pop on those black triangles.


The back is this pretty charcoal scroll print. And some purple “confetti” bound it all together.


9 thoughts on “FO: Paisley’s Pennants

  1. Val, that purple is lovely !!!! I moved my plants around…
    The beans and the tomatoes , seem they are not getting enough pollination. SO i moved the downstairs, outside on the west side of the house . There are a ton of bees there near the echinacea. So we will hope for more crops


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