Friday felines

Today’s Friday Felines has gone to the dogs….


As mentioned several times this week, I spent last Saturday keeping these two company. It’s not hard work by any means. They are good puppers.


Chevy likes to play fetch. And like Double Stuff the squirrel, he’s all about two. TWO BALLS at all times. Usually both are in his mouth. If you are lucky, he’ll drop one for you to throw. But most of the time, he wants you to pick up a THIRD ball and throw it. He’ll chase after it, but he can’t get three balls in his mouth (believe me, he’s tried), so instead he stands there and looks at you. Then you have to walk over, pick it up, and throw it again. And again, and again….


Jem doesn’t play fetch. Oh she’ll run after a ball now and again, but don’t expect her to bring it back. She prefers tug-o-war with a rope or stuffie. There’s no pictures of that because I needed both hands to play. She is one strong dog. I have to make sure I have a good, steady wide stance, because she’s strong enough to pull me off my feet.

And I suppose we can’t let Friday go by without at least one feline…


Even if (or simply because) she’s taken over the dog crate as her own personal palace.

9 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    What a good boy and girl! They have beautiful coats. So shiny. The kitty in the crate is too funny. If she was supposed to get in there you know she wouldn’t.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    The dogs are just beautiful. Their coats are so shiny. I love their different playing styles. The cat in the dog crate is adorable and no surprise that she is there.


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