August rolls on

August is now over half over and fall is definitely on its way. How can I tell? It’s not the crisp nights (though they are here). It’s not that the squirrels are working overtime to gather as many nuts as possible (though they are). It’s that my sedum is starting to bloom.

This is one of the main fall sources of food for the bees come September, so I’ve got several plants throughout the gardens. It also provides a nice pretty pop of pink (and it’s virtually maintenance free).

My Chrysanthemum is also getting buds – a sure sign of the impending autumn.

But no one told the marigold that summer is on its way out.

They are going gang busters.

We’re still getting lots of treats from the mini food garden.

The beans have just blown me away this year. I get a little colander full every couple of days

And the roses love the disappearance of the humidity.

And now is the time of year when the sunflowers really start to shine.

And the butterfly bush is in bloom

It’s a favourite of the Monarchs – a last fueling station before they hit the road to Mexico.

The season may be winding down, but there’s still so much beauty to be found!

8 thoughts on “August rolls on

  1. Oh, say it isn’t so! I always hate the end of summer because I detest winter. Your garden photos are so beautiful. I love all of the flowers so much. And the thought of fresh green beans for dinner sounds so yummy. I miss growing my own. Maybe next year I’ll put one plant in a pot.
    Have a wonderful Saturday.


  2. I agree Val. Those are beautiful photos you took!!! I keep saying it is still AUGUST. Don’t panic Kathy b. I love your sunflowers . Mine are past peak and i should cut them once the birds have finished with them I am thrilled to say an acorn squash is ready to be picked. This mean si’ll have enough to bring to the food pantry soon


  3. Araignee

    Dad used to have a giant bed of sedum right by the porch steps and I used to look forward to seeing them bloom because it usually meant it was fig picking time. Your roses are just spectacular. So many here have fungus issues. It’s been too hot and too humid for so long. I can report that the mushrooms and other fungus are doing great. We even got a mold allert for the first time on our phones. Crazy times.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your gardens are so beautiful! The roses and sunflowers are awesome. I am loving each little hint of fall. I brush my cats daily and they are starting to shed less which I also consider a little sign of fall.


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