New quilt on the block

As promised, I’ve got some new fabrics to refresh my work on with the weekly Blockhead blocks.


It’s a cute little fat quarter bundle I got from an Etsy seller. There’s also a half yard panel with those cute cats that I might be able to work in some how.

For this quilt, I’m going to stick with more traditional style blocks. If non-traditional blocks come up one week, I’ll sub it with something else from the first 30 weeks. I’m also making smaller blocks this time around – 8 inches, as opposed to 12 inches.


Week 31 was a basket square, and I did a little bit of fussy cutting to get the right look?. Because who doesn’t love a cat in a basket?


10 thoughts on “New quilt on the block

  1. OHHHH!!!
    I adore baskets, but The Hubby doesn’t like them!
    So, no cats in baskets around here…yet.
    Think I’ll order something, then when it arrives, I’ll say I won a raffle…yeah, that’s the ticket!


  2. Since I decided to just go with the 28 blocks I have ready I haven’t even looked at the current ones. I even dropped the FB group due to the drama that was starting to happen. I don’t need that in my life, I supply enough drama!! LOL Cute basket, cuter cat!!!


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