FO: Bleeding Heart socks

They are done!

I finished up the bold man socks on the weekend. They were an easy knit, but I’m glad to have them done – I’m ready for something new.

As you know, there was nothing fancy with this pair – just simple 2-2 garter rib on the leg and a plain foot. The red really overtakes the purple in these, though the skein was dyed half and half.

But that’s the fun of hand-dyed yarn. You never know how it’s going to knit up!

8 thoughts on “FO: Bleeding Heart socks

  1. Those turned out great Val. Love the color!! 2×2 rib on the leg (entire leg) would drive me crazy to knit (not as bad as seed…but close), but they look SO NICE!!


  2. Shirley Elliott

    They really did turn out great! You are really completing projects this month. Guess you are going to have to work on the stinky sweater soon.


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