Soft paws

I had a free afternoon the other day, so I set up a little assembly line and started chain-piecing flannel bear paws.

And then four paws come together to make the final block (because bears have four paws, don’t you know?)

The background fabric is actually navy, not black as it appears in the pictures. The flannel is going to make a super soft quilt, but it is definitely different than working with regular quilting cotton. Not only is it thicker, it has a little more stretch, so piecing it takes a little more patience.

Still, I got the first three paw sets all together.

Only nine more to go!

7 thoughts on “Soft paws

  1. I love the way you see different things when you look at this depending on what your eyes focus on. A flannel quilt sounds so lovely for the upcoming Fall and Winter!


  2. Seriously, I want a flannel quilt for this winter!
    Wait…with Sweetie sleeping with me, maybe it should be made out of denim, or canvas instead…her nails are SHARP, and we haven’t yet convinced her that humans can hold her for a trim…


  3. Araignee

    That is just so perfect!!! I love a good flannel plaid quilt. I can’t use them because……hot flashes but I do love the woodsy look of them.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    That is going to be such a beautiful quilt! You’ve got your stripes consistent in each block. It’s so easy for me to turn one the wrong way. Sometimes, the extra stretch in flannel works to my advantage.


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