Stinky stitches

At long last, the body of the barnyard sweater is done!

Yep, that weird looking pile of knitting is the left front, back and right front. I have to do a little bit of origami and sewing to get it looking more familiar.

That will give you a better idea. Once it’s sewn together, I have to pick up stitches for the sleeves. I thought they were sewn in, but no such luck. Normally I wouldn’t mind knitting the sleeves on, but this sweater is really heavy. It’s going to be a big awkward knit for a while.

My goal is to have the whole thing done by the end of September. Here’s hoping I can meet it!

11 thoughts on “Stinky stitches

  1. kayT

    Somewhere on Ravelry (no idea where of course) I saw that someone dealt with the sleeve issue by knitting the sleeves separately and then joining at the point where stitches were to be picked up by using a 3-needle bind-off. Maybe that would work? I guess it depends on how much shaping goes on but maybe you could shape the shoulder and then join? I myself hate the knitting sleeves down method and am thinking of trying it on a sweater that has been in time-out for (mumble) months.


  2. When I read the title, I knew what the topic was going to be! lol
    You will be able to whip right through those sleeves! Is there any way you could make them and sew them on after–it wouldn’t require too much adjustment on the pattern; you are up to it!


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