The great garden revamp

I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning on rearranging the garden. When I started garden building the year we moved in, I did not have a plan. Year after year, the gardens expanded, and still there was no plan. I just stuck new things in wherever I could fit them.

Naturally, that resulted in some things being over-shadowed by other plants. The front and side yards weren’t bad (they are smaller and get less sun, so I was more selective on plant placement). The backyard was beautiful chaos.

Last Sunday, the weather was perfect. I wasn’t really planning on tackling the task until the end of September, but it was hard to pass up such a good day. Plus, I told myself, this would give the relocated plants more time to put down good roots before winter.

I made an inventory of everything I had, and drew a quick sketch of where I planned to put it all..

That done, there was nothing to do but get digging!

Naturally, I had someone to snoopervise the process. It took all morning, and small part of the afternoon. By the time I was done, all the roses (with the exception of Navy Lady) were in the back yard where they will get much better sun; and all the rest of the plants were arranged according to height; and I had some very dirty hands.

Sign of a day well spent, if you ask me!

Naturally, everything went all wilted from the stress, but a few days later, most of it was beginning to bounce back. I may lose a couple plants, but most of them will be easily replaced come spring if they don’t make it. I’m not too worried.

The Lupin is already putting up new sprouts. So are the Oriental Poppies and Coneflowers.

I won’t really see the rewards of this until next year, but I think it’s going to be worth the wait!

8 thoughts on “The great garden revamp

  1. That is the great thing about gardens …………never ending design and implementation.

    We put in two roses this year. I don’t like where they are visually, but it is the best spot for them.

    We also pulled out a crap ton of day lilies that had overgrown their spot and replaced them with purple cone flower and black-eyed Susans. I am so much happier with that look.

    We put in 4 winter berry bushes along the back fence last fall and they have “berried up” for this season.

    Next year I may try to find a better place for the roses OR take out the small maple tree that they are next too OR maybe plant a third rose for better visual continuity.

    Garden dreams — I has ’em!


  2. I enjoyed reading about your garden project and look forward to seeing a picture next year of how they all did with the move. I don’t think I would have the skill to design and plant a big garden. I just don’t know enough about flowers.


  3. I love seeing your treasure map of plans. Wow . I know how it goes when you keep finding spots for things without a master plan. Some of the things I planted got moved in spring. Im hoping to still have flowers when my friend comes , with masks and gloves, next weekend


  4. Araignee

    Wow!!! That was ambitious. I need to do that with the front beds too. They are a MESS from all this heat and neglect. It’s almost a good thing the deer ate everything to the ground this year.


  5. I too did some rearranging, and also added a few more plants.
    Am in the beginning stages with my yarden; will see how riotous it becomes, then try to rearrange.
    Also, there must be fifty hosta plants to dig out; I’ll only do that if I have something to replace them with.


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