Blooms to behold

I can barely believe my eyes!

It’s still only March and I have actual blooms!

This is the earliest I’ve ever had something bloom in the garden. The reason is three-fold. Crocuses are, of course, early bloomers. But, I finally got smart and planted some in an area that gets sun constantly. And this week the weather has been spectacular. It’s not odd to get a warm day here and there in March, but we’ve had a whole week of it… temps almost reaching 20 Celsius! That is unusual!

I’m sure Mother Nature will put us back in our place this week, but I certainly enjoyed every minute in the sun I could.

Relic has been too… with little respect to the tender green things popping up around him. Still.. you can see how well the spring bulbs and irises are doing already.

The Crocuses will soon have company.

The Candytuft is already budding up. Once she gets going, she’s a show-stopper.

And there are daffodils all over the gardens, but the ones in the sunniest spots already have buds!

The most surprising thing of all…

Almost all of my roses have tiny little leave sprouts. While it’s definitely early, it makes me very happy. As you may recall, in September, I did a big reorganization on the gardens and the roses we not al all happy with me. I wasn’t sure any of them survived the winter. Now it looks like all but two did. And as I said, it’s still early so they may surprise me.

8 thoughts on “Blooms to behold

  1. WOW! That’s amazing. I have seen one or two crocus’s around town but not very many and certainly no daffodils yet. Of course last night it was 26F so it’s still pretty cold at night. It has been a mild winter though which has been nice here in the RV. I’m glad Relic is enjoying his time in the yard too. I would like to pick him up and give him a hug. 🙂


  2. So nice to begin to see some blooms, isn’t it? I’ve noticed buds on our lilac and wisteria are growing daily. Our Asian Pear looks great and I saw the faintest beginning of color on our Redbud tree.


  3. Araignee

    How wonderful for you!!! Those first blooms are really a spirit lifter. The flowering trees are going at it here right now and are so pretty. Of course my allergies are killing me but it’s worth it to see everything coming back to life after this miserable winter.


  4. Val, this is the best post of my morning! (and the first) But seriously, if you are getting flowers, then we will too. Soon. We have greens shooting up but nary a flower will brave the Wisconsin chills. We do have some 60 degree days coming up and I’m so hopeful; we will see green changes!
    Im going to try tea roses on my tiny upstairs porch this year. Do you have a favorite ?


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