My pot problem

Yup… I was at it again.

I found a couple more terra cotta pots kicking around, and there was some nice weather the other afternoon and well…

These ones are a touch smaller than the last few so I kept the motifs large and simple and I’m quite pleased with the results. Just some simple flowers on thee above pots – nothing fancy, but I think they are charming.

And for the second pot…

Cats, of course! How is it that I’m only just now doing cats? Again… simple but whimsical and it works!

I don’t actually have any plants for these ones right now… But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll come across something appropriate soon!

10 thoughts on “My pot problem

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Those pots are so cute! Of course, my favorite is the one with cats. They should come in handy when you start transitioning plants inside.


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