FO and pattern release: The Socks Are Lava

I did it. I finished the Lava socks before the end of the weekend and now the pattern is ready for you all!

It’s a freebie: The Socks are Lava. (If you don’t use Ravelry and would like a copy, leave a comment here, and I’ll send it to you.)

It’s a very simple pattern. The lace is only worked across 18 of the 64 stitches. And only on every fourth row. These socks are almost vanilla…

Vanilla with a little spice!

The pattern was inspired by the yarn (Cascade Heritage Wave in the “Lava” colourway). I wanted to evoke the feeling of a lava flow with the pattern, and I think I’ve managed it.

The yarn is very soft, though it can be a bit splitty. You can see the slight ombre effect, though the length of it is not ideal for socks. It would be much better suited to a large project, like a cowl or shawl. Still it was nice to knit with, and pretty cheap for a pair of socks – under $20 CAD.

10 thoughts on “FO and pattern release: The Socks Are Lava

  1. Shirley Elliott

    The socks are beautiful! Not being a knitter, I will just enjoy the beauty you created. I have to admit that I love the shoes at least as much as the socks (maybe more).


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