Friday Felines

The other morning, something unusual happened.

Relic came in after his early morning romp for breakfast (which is not unusual), but instead of immediately heading back out after stuffing his face (which is the norm unless its raining), he headed up to bed for a nap.

Because this was out of the ordinary for him, I went upstairs a short time later to check on him. Burton was hot on my heels – which is also not unusual, that boy is my furry little shadow most of the day.

But when I sat on the bed beside Relic, Burton immediately jumped up and snuggled in beside Relic.

Now Relic is not normally a snuggler, but as you may recall, he does let Rupert curl up beside him at night. But Burton… while Burton loves to snuggle with people… he has NEVER snuggled with the other cats. Even when he was a kitten.

But just look at that.

Cats are weird!

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    Cats are so odd. I am so over kitty drama at the moment. This isolation thing has brought out the worst in all of us I am afraid, especially my furry friends. I know it’s my fault. I’ve spoiled them from all the attention and now they thing they run the joint.


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