Grey sleeves

I’ll admit it, I’ve been procrastinating on sewing together the body of the barnyard sweater. Not because it’s itchy (it is). Not because it’s smelly (it is). Not because it’s really heavy to have in the lap (it is.)

Because it’s got a weird construction, and I was worried I had knit it wrong and it wouldn’t go together right. But, there was nothing to do but suck it up and get on with it.

So I did.

And it worked! It’s not the prettiest sewing job, but it will hold.

Here’s a peak at that weird construction.

You see here, the shoulder seam actually falls to the back of the shoulder, not in the middle. First I had to graft the two sides of the collar together, then sew the back to the fronts and collar. I was so relieved when it all lined up and fit right!

Now there was nothing left but the sleeves. As I mentioned in my previous post, they are knit on. This involvs short-rows to form the sleeve cap. This isn’t an issue for me, I’ve done it on a few others. But this thing is so bulky. It’s a lot to have in your lap and hanging from you needles as you work back and forth.

But I persevered and last night I was able to complete the entire sleeve cap.

Now it’s knitting round and round and round to finish the sleeve. Then I get to do another one exactly like it. The end isn’t quite in sight, but there’s a small glimmer of light showing at the end of that looooooooong tunnel!

10 thoughts on “Grey sleeves

  1. Araignee

    I made a sweater something like that once. I think it was called Elizabeth and it was knit from sleeve to sleeve sideways. When it was done it didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen but it did go together and turn out quite nice. It fit and looked great until I blocked it and then the yarn decided to felt on me and it was too small. I should knit that again. I really liked it.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    You’ve crossed another hurdle and that sweater is looking great! That will probably help to keep you motivated. I can imagine the excitement of having this project complete.


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