Friday Felines

More weirdness in the cat world…. Last week I showed you Burton snuggling with Relic. But now we have this…

This large foot stool sits in front of the couch where I sit. It usually holds my laptop, and bit and pieces of whatever knitting project I’m working on at the time, but it’s also a favourite hang out of the cats (it has a good view of Squirrelington’s).

This time Burton was hanging out on it and Rupert decided to get in on the action. But instead of sitting beside him, Rupert sat ON him!

What the…? And Burton just sat there!!!

Cats are weird.

As a side note: Rupert is tiny (under 7lbs). Burton is an average-sized cat. These pictures though, they make him look like a WHALE! I promise you, while he could stand to lose a pound or so, he’s not nearly as fat as these pictures make him look!

10 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. LOL – great pictures! Burton looks like the black cat we had when I was growing up. Kitsy. Who weighed 25 lbs!!!! A friend referred to him as the moving black velvet pillow – lol.


  2. I love that you’re defending Burton from fat-shaming! He’s a handsome lad.

    You can really tell how different they are when they’re in the same picture! Our little black cat Yadi was tiny. Calvin the ginger tabby is a big boy! Sadly, they never had the chance to meet.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful photos! I guess Burton was too focused on the squirrels to object to Rupert using him as a cushion. Burton’s fur looks so sleek. The last photo is my favorite.


  4. Thanks for coming for to my blog this morning Val. Of course I just wanted to make another comment about my worsted socks. Can you tell I rarely have anyone to talk to? Dennis works 12 hour days and is tired when he gets home. My bloggy pals are my conversation. 🙂
    Anyway, I have made both of my worsted socks from acrylic because I didn’t have worsted weight wool here in the RV. I think I’m going to order some for my next pair so they’ll last longer. Do you remember the brand you used for your Dads socks? If not, no worries. I’ll find something. I figured if they’re still going strong after 2 years it’s some good yarn! 🙂
    Have a great day and stay warm.
    Blessings and hugs,


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