I am happy to say the weather has been much more enjoyable this past week. (As has my week in general)

We had perfect weather for the family wedding. It was Dave’s uncle who was getting married. It was also his 70th birthday. It was a nice reminder that a love story can happen at any age!

We took the Bonneville so the happy couple could do some photos with it. It also meant I got to have a nice country drive in it. The bride also loved the quilt, so that was a nice bonus.

Around the house, I’ve officially welcomed fall by hanging my favourite fall wreath.

Some strange things are happening in the garden.

The Shasta Daisies started blooming again. Normally I don’t get blooms past late June, so I’m not sure what it’s thinking.

This Celosia popped up suddenly in the pot with the Red Hot Pokers. Last year I had a bunch of annuals in that pot, including some Celosia. Some how this one survived last winter, but only decided to make an appearance now. Weird.

And this flower popped up with sunflowers… anyone have any idea what it is? Because I have no idea!

10 thoughts on “Seasonable

  1. The wedding looks like it was beautiful. I can imagine that your car was a hit too. I put my fall decorations, few as they are, around the trailer this week too. I need to take some photos and share them. Gorgeous flowers. I think lots of things are confused this year.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What great photos! The car looks like it would be competition for best looking with the bride and groom. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride or a wedding. I love the surprises that garden present.


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