Sammy Jay

Growing up, there was a cartoon on TV called “The Green Forest”. In it, there was a character called Sammy Jay, who was a bit of a villain. Mostly he was a bully and a tattletale. I’m convinced this is why, when Dave hears the blue jays outside, he tenses up.

I however, love them!

We’ve got four of them hanging around, and they are regular patrons at Squirrelington’s.

Especially in the morning. I love this picture because you can see the black squirrel in the background with a peanut in her mouth. The squirrels and jays alternate, each taking peanuts until the pile is all gone.

And then they send one of the squirrels up to stare in at me until I fill the table again.

Then they feast again!

I’m going through about 2 lbs of peanuts a week! But it’s worth it!

8 thoughts on “Sammy Jay

  1. My favorite is the squirrel staring until you give them more food. It amazes me how smart animals are. And some people think they’re stupid. Not hardly. They figure out where the food is coming from very fast. Thanks for being so generous with these beautiful animals.


  2. jatshaw

    We feed our jays and squirrels, too, and you are right, they are very entertaining. Our jays are different though; they are Stellar’s jays and I think larger and with dark blue feathers.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful neighborhood buffet. It provides endless entertainment for the cats and photo opportunities so I would consider it a good investment.


  4. Araignee

    I love Jays even though they are buggers. My dear departed parrot loved peanuts. To tear up. She never ate them just rip them to shreds and then threw them all over the kitchen. I still miss her mess so much.


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