Last minute

Dave hit me with last minute plans to attend a birthday part this coming weekend. While we don’t have to bring a gift, I don’t like to come empty-handed. Money is tight right now, so that means making something…

But time is limited too. Can I knit a pair of socks in seven days? It was time to find out.

I whipped together a chart of easy lace that I figure I can whip through (I find 10-row repeats really knit fast), and dug out some Alley Cat that Rowan dyed up ages ago (that kid has a great eye for colour!)

Under the watchful eye of Snoopervisor Burton, I worked late into the night on Sunday.

Apparently, I worked too late into the night, though.

Still it was worth it, as you can see…

I’m into the gusset on the first one

Work is crazy busy, so I can only knit in the evenings. But I think I can do it. Of course, it does mean ignoring the barnyard sweater for a week… (such a hardship).

Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “Last minute

  1. Araignee

    Good luck! I’ve done it before so I know you can. There is an exhilaration that comes with meeting a deadline like that and it pushes you right over that finish line.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Well, today is Tuesday so I am confident you can have the pair of socks knitted by the weekend. That is a beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn. What a great birthday gift.


  3. Well, Dave’s worth it . But wow, you are a knitting machine! Those looks amazing. I love your needles too. I am impressed that you are not just knitting vanilla sock, you have a fabulous pattern too. I hope the birthday person really loves them. You will get them done. I know it.


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