Rosey posey

Work has really picked up lately, so there hasn’t been much time to sew on the week days. So I took Saturday to finish up the rest of the flower blocks and assemble the top.

Those flowers go so quick, and there was only eight of them left. It didn’t take much time to sew them all together. And now this cute little top is ready for quilting.

I’m waiting on an order of plain black for the binding though. You wouldn’t think it, but plain black cotton is increasingly difficult to get these days. Lens has been sold out for weeks (and they had already put a limit on how many yards you can buy at a time), and a lot of other Canadian suppliers had low/no stock. Mom and I ended up going halvies on a full bolt of it from Dinky Doo. It’s not like we won’t use it eventually!

10 thoughts on “Rosey posey

  1. This is interesting to me! I was in Joann Fabrics for yarn yesterday, masked of course, and there was not a lot of anything on the shelves. Hmmmmm. I think this is a healthy sign that we are staying busy creating at a time of crises. And the top looks beautiful, Val


  2. The quilt top is so pretty and delicate Val. I agree with Kathy. I think it’s because so many people are doing things at home. I need to find more elastic for masks and it’s hard to find.
    Good for you and your Mom being able to share the bolt of fabric.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Those flower blocks are just so pretty! Your fabric for the centers of flowers is just perfect. I must admit that I got distracted by the quilt underneath the new top. I don’t use much black fabric so the shortage is a surprise to me.


  4. Araignee

    How beautiful!!! It really is a bed of flowers.
    We can’t get lunch meat here for The Mister. I don’t eat meat but he likes a sandwich and for weeks now there has been none to be had.
    I also tried to get some Palette for a sweater I’ve had the pattern but once again all the colors I need are sold out. It seems some businesses are booming.


  5. delightedhands

    There are shortages here, too, unfortunately! Does make you appreciate what we can get!
    The top turned out so cute–you’ve done a very good job!


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