10 thoughts on “Fall colours

  1. Oh they are all beautiful,! I think the nasturtium at the end is my favorite. As you know my garden produce was poor. I will stick to flowers next year. We still have thirsty hummingbird s and i think our. Warm week of weather is holding them here. Suddenly we have flickers in large numbers.


  2. Oh my! You have such pretty flowers and I can’t believe they’re all still blooming. We were 39F last night so I don’t think mine will last as long here at the park as they did at the house. We’re in a much higher elevation in the foothills so I guess it’s to be expected.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What absolutely beautiful flowers! The colors just scream fall to me and I love all the yellow, orange and red blooms. What a great view you have when you look outside.


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