Sunny snack

The other day, neighbour Krista knocked on my door. In her hand was the most ENORMOUS dried sunflower head. A friend of hers had grown them and had wondered if I would like one to serve up a Squirrelington’s.

Naturally, I said yes.

It took a while for the patrons to come around…

And they were definitely not sure what to make of that giant thing. Eventually, they got used to the idea of it being there, but they still preferred the peanuts…

But while the squirrels weren’t interested, someone was.

Every time I checked, there were more and more seeds gone.

It took a bit, but I was finally able to capture a picture. It’s not a great one, but it’s clear who the sunny snacker is.

Within a day or so, the whole head was empty of seeds. But don’t worry, I did save some to grow next year!

7 thoughts on “Sunny snack

  1. Araignee

    We have a fox in the backyard and I throw him/her some of Pup’s kibble and treats every night. I noticed it hates Milk Bones but the squirrels love them. It’s so funny seeing them carry the big bones across the yard.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is a huge sunflower head! So glad you saved some seed for planting next year. That was my first thought. I know the birds were thrilled that the squirrels did not take all of the seeds.


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