Disappearing act

I have always loved the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt block. It’s one of those blocks that looks somewhat complicated, but is super easy.

But just knitting, to get the best results, you need the right yarn – or in this case, fabric. I’;ve made a couple disappearing nine patch quilts, and none of them turned out quite the way I was picturing them. They were always too busy. I realized, that the ones I always admired, limited the fabrics to just three.

So on the weekend, I got cutting.

I’ve had that sea turtle fabric for ages, and have just been waiting for a chance to use it. With everything cut, I sewed together my nine-patches.

Then I chopped them up.

And then turn a couple pieces around.

And sewed them back together!

Just like magic. With that done, there was nothing else to do but sew them together.

Now the pattern can really shine!

Another great thing is that you can make a small quilt with this block in just an afternoon. It’s just that easy!

Now it’s tucked away, ready to be quilted whenever I get the chance to head up to Mom’s.

For backing, I have these adorable sharks, and more of those cute little crabs for the binding.

10 thoughts on “Disappearing act

  1. I love it. Thank you for the tutorial. I would have never figured that out on my own. I don’t have the space to quilt here in the trailer but I may actually attempt another quilt someday. now that I have so many friends who are expert quilters that I can ask questions of. :-). I love that fabric. All of it. It’s so perfect together.


  2. grace

    i just finished reading a cozy little mystery called Disappearing Nine Patch, now i know what it looks like I love yours, we are a fish family so it strikes a chord!!! thanks for sharing it!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful DNP quilt! Love that the turtle blocks were the ones you did not cut. You can see their character so well and the crabs are so small that they are still visible on the sliced blocks. What fun that will be to quilt.


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