Can anyone tell me where the heck September went? Seriously, it feels like it was only about a week long.

Here we are… at the beginning of October, and things are definitely slowing down in the garden. In a week or two, I’ll do a big weekend of winter preparations, but for now I’m just enjoying the blooms that remain.

The mum in the back garden is just starting to bloom. As you can see from the second picture, it’s just covered in buds. It’s always pretty spectacular when it really gets going.

The marigolds are still blooming like crazy. They will go until we get a good, hard frost.

This has definitely been my best year for nasturtiums, but even I didn’t expect them to still be blooming!

And I still never get over the fact that I get strawberries in fall! They are small, but still delicious!

Hey- did you know that Basil blooms? Well now you do. Leave it long enough and it will give you pretty white blooms that are similar to catnip!

My Mandivilla has been enjoying the cooler weather.

She’s just busting out all over the place with flowers. This big beast has to come inside for the winter – she can’t take the frost. I haven’t told Dave yet. He’s the one that has to lift her.

And last… October has always been a great time for roses around here… except this year. They are very unhappy with me after their move (hopefully we make up by spring). But Home and Family was one of the few that didn’t get moved.

And she’s putting out a few last minute flowers (tinged pink by the cold)

8 thoughts on “Fleeting…

  1. Home and Family is a beautiful rose.

    We are STILL trying to figure out what the yard should look like. The cone flowers did really well being transplanted. The black-eyed Susans not so much.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Such beauty in your gardens! Each photo was my favorite until I scrolled to the next. Your nasturtiums are so pretty and the mums are fabulous. Again, everything is just beautiful and strawberries too.


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