Squirrelington’s gets an upgrade

It’s no surprise how much I love my little squirrel picnic table. You’ve all seen the photographic evidence.

Well, a couple months ago, neighbour Krista suggested the perfect accessory for it. But it wasn’t until the other week when I finally found what I was looking for at the dollar store (when I was there for something completely different, of course!)…

The little chalkboard was meant to be a sign for an event table, or other display, but it was just the perfect size for a little sign for Squirrelington’s. Instead of chalk, I used white paint for permanence (I didn’t feel like having to renew it every few days).

I don’t know about you, but I think it classes up the joint a bit!

7 thoughts on “Squirrelington’s gets an upgrade

  1. The purrfect touch!
    While at the store the other day (the only one that I’ve visited in MONTHS!), I found a wee pair of underwear for squirrels.
    Yes, you read that correctly!
    They also had tin-foil hats for cats, as well as cat unicorn horns and bonnets.
    Wow…just wow!


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