Get ‘r done!

Since I’d neglected all my other knitting to get the Fer-De-Lance socks done in time, I missed my deadline of completing the the barnyard sweater by the end of September.

Now, the deadline was self-imposed, so it didn’t really matter, but I want the darn thing off the needles and out of my face (not to mention, Christmas is creeping ever closer and I still have lots if crafting to do!)

So, this past week, if I’ve been knitting, it’s been only on the stinky thing.

And happily, I’ve completed the first sleeve! Only one more to go and this will be in the rearview mirror!

8 thoughts on “Get ‘r done!

  1. Sleeve Island! Hopefully the second one will go quickly. I know you say this is stinky, but it really does look nice. I hope once you wash and block it the stinkiness will depart!


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