Giving Thanks for Relic

Today is Thanksgiving for us Canucks, and it’s also the third anniversary of the day we made Relic a permanent member of the family! (You can read more about how he showed up here and when we officially took him in here).

And we are so thankful this amazing cat sauntered into our yard.

Even after all the years, it still melts my heart to see him passed out in the bed like this.


I think of all those years he had to sleep outside, and always be on guard. To see him stretched out, sound asleep like this, without a care in the world….

He’s so full of personality.

It’s really hard to imagine how we ever got along with out him!

13 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Relic

  1. He is not only very lucky to have found you, he is also extremely handsome! I feel the same way when Tyg is passed out inside. So content!! Happy gotcha anniversary Relic!


  2. Araignee

    Ahhh….sweet boy.
    All of my kitties wandered into my life and I think a lot about the stories they could tell about their former lives. I’ve always said that found kitties make the best kitties. They seem to be so grateful to finally be loved and to have a home.

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