FO: Love still wins (sorta)

I finished up Paisley’s birthday socks last week.

And aren’t they just the most cheerful socks you’ve ever seen???

The pattern is inspired by the Love Still Wins socks. Basically, I stole the chart from it, and made the rest up as I went along.

I used two “budget” yarns for these. The black is Red Heart “Heart and Sole”, and it was surprisingly soft. Though not as soft as the self-striping Felici (colourway: Side Pony) – that yarn is crazy soft, especially for the price!

Paisley is not a matchy-matchy teen, so I let the stripes fall where they may, and I love the result.

It also means I still have one ball left of this colourway – enough to make myself a pair of anklets! (Once all my gift knitting is out of the way!) I call that a win!

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