The slog

One thing I did not manage to accomplish was the finishing of the barnyard cardigan. I really thought I would, but the garden called and so did that new pair of socks and…

I did manage to finish the sleeve cap, but that’s about it. It doesn’t help that this thing is REALLY heavy now. The recipient also wanted relatively snug sleeves, so I’ve gone down a needle size. It’s not too tight, but the knitting doesn’t flow quite like it did on the larger needles. That, coupled with the weight means my hands can only take short knitting session on it.

I think I’m still on track to have it done by the end of the month (and in anticipation, I went out and got buttons for it), so I’m not too upset. But I do have to get it done – I’ve got other projects that need to be done for Christmas, so I’ve got to get moving!

10 thoughts on “The slog

  1. Cheryl J

    Sometimes you just have to get er done. Think about the joy of the finish. I wish I lived close I would have gladly knit the sleeve on that sheep’s sweater.


  2. Should we send you daily reminders to work on this sweater?
    You’ll be happy when you are done!
    And so will we, since it’s certainly your most unfavourite project since I’ve started following your blog.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    You have come so far and the majority of the project is done. I am confident that you will soon have the sweater completed and be celebrating the finish. It is a great looking sweater and unfortunate that it is so unpleasant to work on.


  4. Araignee

    Oh, my….that is a slog. I hate when things get heavy. I like not having to finish seamless sweaters and I like the fit but I don’t like it when they become more than a lap full.


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