A full forty-eight

I have finished the last of the flannel bear paws and I have to say – I love how they look!

Again, the background flannel is actually navy, but it looks black every time I take a picture. As you can see, it still needs its sashing, and I hope I can find some time to do it sometime this week.

I picked up a nice chunk of plaid flannel for the back on payday, and Burton has already given it his nod of approval.

On another quilting note… Bearbottom Quilts has a facebook page. Burton and I would just love it if you would give us a like and a follow!

10 thoughts on “A full forty-eight

  1. That’s a beauty Val! Am I remembering correctly that this one is for your brother? He is going to love it! I don’t go on FB, but I will try to see if I can like your site.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That quilt is going to be perfect for your brother. Burton’s fur should blend in with the fabric. The blocks are just beautiful. Will check out your Facebook account.


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