Think Spring!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rush fall. Fall is actually my favourite season. But when you’re a gardener, you have to do a little thinking ahead. Especially if you want scads of spring flowers.

I actually wasn’t planning on planting any spring bulbs this year, but then I went into the dollar store and well…

A few bulb packs might have just followed me home. Under the watchful eye of my garden snoopervisor…

The are all planted and awaiting that far off season. I took the crocus and hyacinth bulbs and mixed them up into a bowl, then planted them randomly around the edge of the garden. I then did the same with the tulips and daffodils, only I planted them in the interiors. Now I have no idea what will come up where. It will be a nice surprise come spring.

Hopefully, the little bulb thieves…

Will remember just how well fed they’ve been at Squirrelington’s and leave me at least a few bulbs for spring. At least some of those fancy pink daffodils! I REALLY love those ones!

6 thoughts on “Think Spring!

  1. Araignee

    I love planting bulbs. You never know what and where they will pop up. I bought a big mixed box a few years back and it still surprises me when I see something growing.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    I love the random way you planted the spring bulbs! They will be such a treat in the spring. Hopefully, the squirrels will have no desire to dig for food when they can just go to the table.


  3. Next summer we REALLY need to do some overhaul of the garden areas here.

    We’ve been so busy fixing, renovating, improving the house, that the garden has been somewhat neglected in comparison.


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