Things have gone a little nutty

The other week, my local grocery store had walnuts in the shell on sale for $1.99/lb.

They are normally $3.49/lb, so I usually only get a little bag (about 1lb, or a dozen or so nuts) each grocery day and ration them out at Squirrelington’s over the week.

But for the sale… I stocked up!

I included my stemless wine glass (filled with sweet Coke) for scale. That’s a lot of walnuts!!!

The next dinner seating at Squirrelington’s looked a little different.

My little patrons listen for the sound of the sliding door to open, so it didn’t take them long to move in.

They will ALWAYS take the walnuts first. Only when they are gone will they touch the peanuts.

This little cutie tried to take two at once. She didn’t manage it and ended up leaving one behind.

And while the squirrels are busy with the walnuts, the jays are swooping in and out, grabbing peanuts. I managed to get quite a few action shots this time.

There was, however, one small disruption to the whole preceding. Normally, I take the all the cats out with me when I photograph. It’s never been an issue, because Relic could care less about the visitors; Burton is on a leash, well away from the restaurant patrons; and Rupert’s usually too afraid to do much. Every time a bluejay flies over him, Rupert runs to the door.

That is… until the other day…

Guess who is no longer welcome at Squirrelington’s….

8 thoughts on “Things have gone a little nutty

  1. What an amazing collection of perfect photos, especially the Jay ones. These are beautiful! Mom tries to watch for the bulk nuts to go on sale, but they’re for her and dad, not the critters. Great shots!


  2. Araignee

    What a feast!!! Nuts are so terribly expensive. Every year I like to fill up a bowl for Christmas and am shocked at the price. We used to have a walnut tree in the backyard when I was a kid. We had bushels of them.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What great photos! Love the photo of the black squirrel with two walnuts in his paws. Your yard must be rated as gourmet dining by the wildlife.


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