The next sock

I am happy to say that the barnyard cardigan is DONE!!!! It’s blocking now, but you probably won’t see it until some time next week – it’s big and thick and it’s going to take a while to dry.

In celebration, I’ve cast on several new things. First is a pair of socks for Dave for Christmas.

They are nothing fancy, just 100% vanilla in a Kroy self-striper. I was in the mood for something seasonal, and while they may not seen autumn at first glance, to me they are the perfect reflection of this time of year. It’s almost always grey and drab with pops of colour in unexpected places.

I don’t expect to whip through this pair like I have the last few. They are mostly going to be a background project with my main focus on other things. Stay tuned for more colourful knits!

12 thoughts on “The next sock

  1. I have made everyone in the family a pair of plain vanilla socks with that same yarn. They all liked the color and Kroy wears very well.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the sweater. It’s so exciting when a big project is finally complete. I’m on the second sleeve of Piper’s 4th sweater. Then it’s just the button band, sewing the parts together and attaching buttons. I’m ready to work on something else but I love making them for her because she actually wears them, almost every day.


  2. I like that new yarn a lot – great colors in it. YAY for the BIG sweater finish. I’ll bet it was smelly to wash/rinse and then block!! LOL. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Yay for completing the barnyard sweater before Halloween/end of October! What a great accomplishment and you must be so happy not to have to work on it any longer. Love those socks that you started. They don’t look plain to me. Love the stripes.


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