Pixie girl

As mentioned earlier this week, with the Barnyard Cardigan done and dusted (It’s STILL drying), I was ready to start something new. Something COMPLETELY opposite than that big, bulky, stinky, drab grey pile of itch.

So I give you the Bogatell cardigan! I’ve planned to knit this one for Rowan for Christmas for ages, and because it’s fingering weight, I really should have started sooner than this, but we all know how this year has gone.

Still, I’ve picked out my colours…

It’s all Alley Cat – the main colour is the green (Gecko Toes), with Pink (Rosie), and Blue (Sea Spray) for the stripes. I’ve only been working on it for a couple evenings…

But I’ve gotten through a full stripe sequence on the yoke. I’m increasing right now, so its slow going. There’s also a pretty little twisted rib detail at the raglans, which takes a little more time…

But it’s worth it.

Hopefully once I’m through the yoke, these cheery colours will help this one just fly!

12 thoughts on “Pixie girl

  1. Shirley Elliott

    The Bogatell cardigan is going to be just beautiful! It is certainly a contrast to the barnyard sweater. The yarn you are using is beautiful on its own but then as the knitting progresses, it gets more beautiful.


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