November blooms

As you know, I frequently snap up random remnants from the sale bin at Lens. (Or at least I did, before COVID… it’s very slim pickings now). One of those finds was this pretty chunk of flannel.

I love that peachy coral fabric and it reminded me quite a bit of the colours in the Rosey Posey quilt I just made. Since that quilt only used 16 of the 42 squares in the layer cake, I still had enough to make a second baby quilt.

So I got to sewing…. the dizzy daisy blocks are perfect for chain piecing. It took me no time at all to get them together.

Those stripes took a little extra care to make sure they were headed in the right direction, but they were worth it! I want to make MORE striped flowers now.

But that can wait. For now I have 16 pretty blossoms (there are two of each print)…

…all ready to be turned into a top!

9 thoughts on “November blooms

  1. Araignee

    That is such a pretty block. It’s modern and vintage at the same time. That is also a great color combo. You have such a good eye for those things.


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