Sock it to me

As you know, on Saturday, Mom and I had a bit of a drive to deliver our quilts. Three-hours round trip, to be exact. Since Mom was driving, I decided to make good use of the time and get some work done on Dave’s Christmas socks. I’d been focusing on Rowan’s cardigan, so they hadn’t seen much love.

The drive was very productive and I got through to leg, heel and gusset decreases.

I took the above picture and figured that would be that for a while, as I had to get back to the second sleeve on Rowan’s cardi.

As you know, I spent a chunk of Sunday sewing the flannel quilt, and the bam – the power went off. Because it was so stormy, it was pretty dark outside, despite only being 2:30 in the afternoon.

There was still enough light to knit by, though

The picture makes it look brighter than it really was. Because the light was dim, I figured working on the sock would be easier than the cardigan, which involved counting rows, and switching colours.

We figured the power would be back on in an hour or so, but the hours passed, night fell, candles were lit, and I just kept knitting…

I had lots of blankets and furry companions to keep me warm, since there was no heat. As the hours ticked by, we realized the power was unlikely to come back on before bedtime. So I just kept knitting…

And, when I got up in the morning….

All that was left to do is to close the toe! So that’s one sock done… one more to go!

10 thoughts on “Sock it to me

  1. I’m thinking that you and I were hit by the same wind storm, but we didn’t lose power THIS time.
    Glad you were productive during the outage; hope you didn’t lose anything that was in the refrigerator.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful sock! I love those stripes, the colors and the way you shaped the heel. It’s going to be a great gift. You made good use of not having any power.


  3. Excellent use of knitting time!
    I heartily recommend a headlamp for use during power outages. While I’m sure there are other uses for them, they might as well have been invented just for knitting!


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