Every girl is crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed cat.

Before the Relic debacle, I decided he needed a new collar. I don’t bother with the other two, but with Relic, I like people to know he’s not a stray.

His old one had skull and crossbones in a reflective print, but most of it had been worn away by him scratching.

So I hopped on Amazon and found a four-pack of these cute bowtie collars. Relic has lost a collar or two, and the price per collar was ideal. Plus, I’d have a few back ups.

The annoyed face is not from the bow tie, but rather the camera I was shoving in his face.

Doesn’t he look so dapper?

While I was fitting Relic with his new duds, Burton came over to be nosy, so I decided to see if he’d like a new look.

It was a little harder to see and get pics with all that floof, but he’s just as stylin’.

Definitely worth the $20!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t try one on Rupert… I value my skin too much… that boy has razor mitts, and is not nearly as cooperative as these two.

15 thoughts on “Every girl is crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed cat.

  1. So cute and dapper!! We don’t put a collar on Tyg – he climbs so much (trees and what have you) that I worry about a collar getting caught and not breaking off!


  2. Patty

    Don’t your boys look handsome! Rupert doesn’t know what he’s missing! I have bought the 12 count cat collars from Amazon since TomTom loses them every once in awhile. I really like these bow ties and I’m off to Amazon. Ty!


  3. catladymac

    Only one of my cats will tolerate a Seresto collar. For awhile I tried collars on my outdoor cats, but they ere all breakaways to keep them safe and they scraped them off..


  4. Araignee

    Whew….I just caught up to the Relic adventure. We had one do that a few winters ago. She was gone for a week. We had given up and then there she was on the deck, skinny but alive. We figured she got locked in or treed. She slept for days. She sticks very close to home now. The not knowing is very hard. I am so glad he got home safe and sound.


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