FO: Poodle pillow

The days are sliding away (less than a month until Christmas!) but I’ve got another present marked off my list.

Dave’s grandma adores poodles. Up until her last one, Mandy, passed a few years ago, she’s always had at least one poodle (always toy-size). Now she had a Sheltie named Ella, but she still talks about her poodles all the time. So when I came across this block, I knew it would it would be perfect for her.

I didn’t have the time (or patience!) to make an entire quilt of poodles, but I thought a pillow would be a good substitute. Who doesn’t love a cute throw pillow?

When I started, I planned on sticking to a more traditional poodle colours – ideally a dark and a light grey. But it turns out I didn’t have that much grey in my stash – most were either too busy, or didn’t have enough contrast.

When I first pulled out this grey floral piece I discounted it and set it aside…

But where it landed was right beside that orange fabric. One glance and I knew that was the ticket. It’s not exactly traditional, but it is striking! (And fun!)

I found another grey floral for the back, and tried something new…

I made it envelope style so it’s easy to take off and wash when needed.

I do need to make a slightly larger pillow form so it fits better, but I’ve got this present checked off the Christmas list, and it feels so good!

7 thoughts on “FO: Poodle pillow

  1. Shirley Elliott

    The poodle pillow is just adorable! Such a great gift and your fabrics worked out great. I love happy accidents like that fabric coordinating which was better than anything you could dig out.


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