FO: Bogatell

I am thrilled to announce that late last week, I finished the first Bogatell cardigan. After several days on the blocking board, I can share it with you!

I will admit, by the time I got to the front bands, I just couldn’t face all those ptbls… so it’s just regular one-one ribbing. But only me, you and experienced knitters will really know that.

Overall – it’s a pretty basic knit – just a top down raglan. The stripes add interest of course, as does the ribbing at the raglans.

That ribbing continues down the side too. Other than that, its nothing fancy. But it is lovely in its simplicity.

Rowan is a bright, cheerful, fun young lady, so I tried to choose colours that match her personality. I really love that green with its limey shades, and pops of turquoise here and there. It’s all Alley Cat, so she throw it in the washer without worry.

To finish it off, I added these Hello Kitty buttons. I bought them years ago, and I know Rowan will get a kick out of them.

Now I’ve got to make one for her sister… with just 25 days to do it!

10 thoughts on “FO: Bogatell

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is such a beautiful sweater and an awesome gift! Those Hello Kitty buttons are just perfect. You knit well under pressure so I am sure the deadline will be met.


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