Christmas stitches

With Rowan’s cardigan off the needles, it was time to get a move on with Paisley’s. You may recall that earlier this year, I dyed up some yarn specifically to make a hoodie for Paisley. It wasn’t the Bogatell hoodie, it was a worsted weight one that should have knit up quicker. But then I realized that the yarn I dyed wasn’t superwash (it was some regular wool Mom had bought for dyeing and felting). I’d really prefer to make her a sweater that is machine washable. And then the more I knit on Rowan’s Bogatell, the more I knew the style was perfect for Paisley too.

I didn’t have any “Paisley” colours in my stash, so … I raided Mom’s!

She kindly let me nab some of her precious Wollmeise. (It helps that’s she’s more focused on quilting than knitting these days). She didn’t have three skeins of any one shade for the main colour, so I grabbed three different (but close) shades of dark grey. I figured I could do each 16 row section of the main colour in a sequence of them. The pink and mauve are for the stripes – I think they have a nice pop with the greys.

As soon as Rowan’s was on the blocking board, I started on Paisley’s and it was going swimmingly. It’s two sizes larger, so it was slower, but still things were chugging right along until…

My beloved Chiao Goo snapped right off the cord. And of course, it’s my only one in this size. It’s the only downside to this brand – they do this eventually (usually after many, many, MANY years of use – this one has to be about 10 years old). I’ve got another one on order, but I’m stuck in a holding pattern until it comes.

And I was doing so well… just one more stripe sequence (about 25 rows) from dividing for the armholes. Hopefully that needle doesn’t take too long to get here!

11 thoughts on “Christmas stitches

  1. Those are beautiful colors. How lucky are you that you can raid your Mom’s yarn stash?! I love it! A similar thing happened to me with my Knit Picks interchangeables once. The wooden needle split all the way down the length of it. I had an awful time trying to get it out of my knitting without catching it as it was all splintered. Afterwards my brain kicked in and I realized I could have just unscrewed the cable! Sometimes I wonder about myself.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is going to be a beautiful sweater! Love the colors you selected and how you made yarn from your Mom’s stash work so well. What a disappointment that your needles broke. Hoping for a speedy delivery!


  3. Oh Val. it is in the air! I have come to accept it with wooden needles. I had a big chunk splinter off while I was knitting last week. It took a big piece of sandpaper and I got it workable. I didnt think those fancy needles broke! Im so sorry. It really interferes with the project mojo!


  4. jatshaw

    For some reason my post didn’t work. It must have been punishment for my lack of posting! At any rate, thanks for the inspiration for the Ying Yang anklets! My friends, a cat lover, loved them. Wasn’t that one of your patterns?


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