I just dyed

One of the things on my vacation to-do list was to get downstairs and dye some yarn.

I’ve been wanting to get down there all winter, but there was a pile of garden stuff blocking the dye table. With garden season FINALLY here, it was out of the way and I had room to work. Sunday was all rain and gloom, perfect to cheer things up with a bit of colour…


Okay… so my first batch wasn’t exactly colourful… but it has a purpose. This lovely greblurple (grey/blue/purple) yarn will eventually become a Christmas hoodie for Paisley. I’ve got the perfect pattern picked out for – I can’t wait to start (must get gross sheepie sweater out of the way first).

After I got that big batch out of the way, I played with REAL colour


This is the last of the Alley Cat base… and that makes me a little sad. In fact, I don’t have much undyed sock yarn left. The rest is mostly stuff for shawls (silks, alpaca, etc), and heavier weights.

Some of this was just for fun but a few skeins have a purpose. The second skein from the left (red/purple mix) is for a pair of socks Sam has commissioned. And the purple and orange skeins (third and second in from the right) will go with some green I already have dyed – they are all for Rowan’s Christmas hoodie.

Of course, all this has to dry, and I have to finish up a few other projects before I get to play with any of these beauties.

11 thoughts on “I just dyed

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What absolutely awesome colors! If that didn’t bring sunshine to your day, nothing would. So many beautiful possibilities there. Looking forward to seeing what each becomes.


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