FO and pattern release: Gnome for the Holidays

The other day, I mentioned my love for gnomes. They really are the cutest things. Well, for the last few months, I’ve seen a little type of gnome ornament popping up all over the place… in my facebook feed, in my google ads, and even in actual stores (not that I get to many of them any more… but is has happened).

Naturally, being polycraftual, my first thought was “I can make that!”. My second was… his hat should be knit!

So… I give you my “Gnome for the Holidays”

The pattern is free, because making that little hat is pretty simple. Most of you could probably figure it out pretty easy. And those of you that don’t knit could probably wing a sewn or glued felt hat pretty easy. And the rest… the rest is just hot-glue assembly (though instructions for that are included in the pattern as well.

I had so much fun with these little guys, I ended up making six.

I will keep a couple for myself, and the rest will accompany a few other Christmas packages. These little Gnomies are sure to spread holiday cheer wherever they go!

13 thoughts on “FO and pattern release: Gnome for the Holidays

  1. Shirley Elliott

    They are so adorable! I have been seeing a lot of gnomes also. You did a great job on your recreation of what you had seen. They will be so perfect for decorating special gifts.


  2. Annette

    Thank you so much. Every holiday I look at the elf patterns to make last minute little gifts, I try one or two, and go on to something else. But yours are very good, flexible to alter and fairly quick.
    I didn’t have any fluff, so I used really fluffy bulky yarn, made a pompom, split or undid the plies + attached it inside the hat with the tight string on the pompom – thru the stuffing into the top. Then no wood beads either, but had leftover cherry pits on or I might try making a little yarn blob to glue on for little kid safety feature.
    Very flexible!


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