FO: Imaginary Friends

Since baby quilts are so quick to do up on the long arm, after whipping off Rosey Posey, I tackled Imaginary Friends as well.

I really love that Friendship Star, and it looks so nice with the chain blocks around it. I’ll definitely use it again!

The star fabric was hanging out in my stash, and it was obviously just waiting to become the border on this one!

And check out the backing flannel I got!

I found it in the clearance bin ages ago, and the colours couldn’t be more perfect for this one. I still have a chunk of it left – enough for another baby quilt.

And now the shop has two quilts… it’s not a fully stocked – but at least it’s not empty. And there’s definitely more to come!

9 thoughts on “FO: Imaginary Friends

  1. Araignee

    That backing fabric is fabulous!!! Baby quilts are fun. I just finished one myself. I am hoping Grand #3 lands safely tomorrow. That will make 6 of us now with December birthdays.


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