Socking away the time

Paisley’s Bogatell is still in a holding pattern until the new needle arrives. So instead, when I’ve been knitting (if I wasn’t knitting gnome hats), I’ve been knitting on Dave’s Christmas socks

This is the second sock for the pair – and as you can see, I’m on the gusset. In fact, I’m almost through the gusset.

Tracking on the needle order shows it most likely won’t make it here before the weekend, so I expect to have a finished pair of socks for you next week.

Although these are Christmas socks, I wasn’t really worried about having them done in time – Dave never complains about that, so he’s almost always the last present I work on.

But, fate obviously had other ideas!

8 thoughts on “Socking away the time

  1. It doesn’t look like there are any worries of you completing his socks in time for Christmas this year. :-). That is such a great, hard wearing yarn too. I’ve made socks for all of our kids and myself from it and we all like them a lot.
    Fingers crossed for your needles. I’m amazed at how fast packages are being delivered right now.


  2. Araignee

    I seem to be in sock limbo. Even though all my gift socks are done and I am working on 2021 socks I can’t seem to get this latest pair going. I’ve ripped them out twice. Maybe I need a sock break until the New Year.
    I agree with Betsy on that yarn. I made those for my latest DIL and she loves them. I wish I had bought enough for myself at the time because that is such a pretty stripe. I love that gray.


  3. Did I miss where you told what the yarn is? I love the grey and the stripes are fun – Colin would probably love a pair! Looks like Dave will have them for Christmas!!


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