Birthday boots!

It’s my birthday today, and as you may recall, I always splurge a little on myself and get something extra special.

This year is was a real pair of Manitobah Mukluks. I have loved mukluks and moccasins since I was a kid – one of my parents friend’s wife had a pair – crazy ones covered in fringe (it was the 80s). I thought they were the coolest thing ever. Then a couple of years ago, a coworker showed up to work in a pair of Snowy Owl mukluks and it rekindled my love. And even though they were well worth the price, they were definitely beyond my budget. I’ve coveted them ever since.

But then this year, I was noodling around on the internets, when a Black Friday ad popped up in my feed. Manitobah Mukluks at a price I could afford! I pounced on it!

I only got the ankle boot (Keewatin), partly because of budget, but also because the Snowy Owl is too narrow for my curvaceous calves. Still, I adore them! They are so soft and warm. And they look great with both my leggings and my dresses!

Now I want a pair of those moccasin slippers.… Maybe next year!

Another wee present showed up in the mail yesterday from my brother and family. He, Paisley, my father and I all have December birthdays so we usually just exchange Christmas gifts when we get together over the holidays. But thanks to COVID, not this year. Since my brother lives 3 hours away, I mailed his and Paisley’s presents, and they did the same with mine

Aren’t they fabulous – all my beautiful babies! Even dear departed Peno!

11 thoughts on “Birthday boots!

  1. Your socks! They are fabulous! Completely purrfect for you. I looked online at your two links and fell deeply in love with both the ankle mukluks and the slippers. Now, I want some too. They looks so soft and warm.

    HaPpY, HaPpY BiRtHdAY to you! I hope you had a great day and had some cake and ice cream.


  2. Araignee

    Wait….what? Those are your REAL cat’s faces? That is so cool! That is one great birthday present! I love the boots. Daughter always gifts The Mister a pair of those furry moccasins every Christmas. He loves them. Wears them all day long.
    Happy birthday!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift to yourself. I had never heard of that brand of footwear. How perfect for cold winter days. Those socks are the most original gift ever.


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