Mystery presents

Thank you for all the birthday wished. I had a wonderful day and are far too much cake!

Just before Black Friday, Missouri Star Quilts had some really good sales. One was several bundles of “mystery” fabrics. With the exchange, the price worked out around to what I pay per yard in the clearance bin at Lens, so I decided to go for it.

Earlier this week, they arrived.

The first bundle was the “Floral Mystery” bundle, and I was surprised to find that they coordinated so well.

The “Geometric Mystery” bundle didn’t coordinate quite so well, but had some fun prints that I’ll be sure to find a good use for.

The “Fall Favourites” mystery was a little bit disappointing, since three of the five were the same print, just in different shades (and the fourth was very close too!), but still – I’ll put them to good use, I’m sure!

A few days later, they had their true Black Friday sale, and it was a doozy! The best deal in my eyes were 3 yard cuts of 108″ wide backing fabric – enough for a queen-size quilt. Deals on backing fabric have really dried up since COVID, so I was all over it! Sadly, they were flying out of my cart as quick as I could put them in (it was a REALLY good deal)

Still – I managed to get four. Mom has already claimed the grey one on the end for a quilt she’s working on (another sampler with a pile of fancy quilting). The other three will be tucked away for now. But the perfect project will come up eventually!

7 thoughts on “Mystery presents

  1. Oh my goodness, that is some pretty fabric. My favorite is the first bundle, the florals. I aways seem to go for florals and paisleys in more muted shades. Not brights. I’m guessing it was frustrating to lose the big cuts when you put them in your cart.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What awesome fabrics! I love the “Fall Favourites” even though there are three of the same design. So much potential for all those fabrics you purchased. You did as well as you do with the clearance bin (as far as the wonderful assortment of fabrics).


  3. Araignee

    I am so sorry I missed that sale. You are right about backing material. It is hard to come by. It makes everything so mush easier to use the 108″ instead of piecing the back but it’s so hard to find any good prints. They are usually pretty ugly.


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