A new ‘gig

Back at the start of my journey with the blockheads, one of the weekly blocks inspired a quilt idea.For the last few months, whenever I’ve been cutting up leftover fabrics for my scrap boxes, I’ve kept this block in mind, and have cut pieces just for it.

I’ve been diligently tucking them away in an old bead organizer. But now I’m ready to start putting them together.

There’s nothing complicated in the pieces… just squares and rectangles, but they come together to create a dazzling whirly-gig block!

I’ve got enough cut to make 15 blocks, though I have a feeling I’ll end up making more! They are just too fun to make!

Burton thinks they are pretty fabulous too!

8 thoughts on “A new ‘gig

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Those are wonderful blocks. Guess they would be called a modified pinwheel. The fabrics could not be more perfect. Such great contrast and happy colors. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this project.


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